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Quick Turn Precision Machining is a full service machine shop specializing in small to medium rapid turn-around precision machine work—from custom tooling and intricate molds to small specialized parts. In addition to state-of-the-art CNC milling, turning and water-jet cutting, Quick Turn Precision Machining also provides heat-treating, sandblasting, welding, fabrication, and technical drawing to meet all your needs.

But most important to you are our people, organization, processes and service. At Quick Turn you will find a smooth running tight-knit group of machinists, programmers, coordinators and executives that love what they do—happy to be making the best parts possible with unmatched customer service to meet and exceed all of your expectations.

If you are looking for increased capacity, better quality, quick turn-around, yeah, we can do that, and most machine shops can. What makes us different is our customer service.

We are Quick Turn and we love the business of quality machining.


Nate Woods and his brother Adam Woods founded Quick Turn Precision Machining to provide for the growing needs of quality, rapid turn around, high quality machined parts. Since 1997 Nate and Adam have been steadily building a highly reputable stand-out business. They love to make things—and make them well—and it shows in every facet of their business. Nate continues to direct and lead the company, and the experience and education of building Quick Turn has only increased his love for his trade, and the team he has put together.

"Our experienced team can tackle most jobs, and we constantly strive to improve our processes, to keep that high standard of quality we are known for. We also have the unique ability to turn jobs around in quickly—our water-jet customer for example can literally walk in and work with the operator, program a part and in most cases start cutting that day. And in addition to our skill we are very processes centered, our CAP systems for example allow us stay organized and control inventory without having to 'remember' it all. This saves time, increases productivity, and integrates into our quality assurance programs. After all, less time spent being disorganized means more time focusing on what's important—our customers." —Nate Woods, Founder and CEO

Excellent Quality. Competitive Pricing. Unmatched Service